Feb 24, 2013

My first fashion collection..Beau Monde

Well I had done quiet a few projects as a fashion designer back in college days but this has to be my first ever fashion collection.The collection was titled " Beau Monde ( the fashionable society)" for the event Artistic Cuts organized by Imperial I . I feel good about this collection for two main reasons. First is the obvious reason >> my first ever fashion collection and secondly >> this was a charity event for the seti flood victim. Below I have the picture of nine gorgeous models flaunting my design. Doesn't this picture look like a fabulous fashionable society to u ?

So tell me in the comments below how do u find my designs? Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and gfc,  I will follow u back. U can also find me on facebook here . Keep the luv coming.

Much luv to everyone

Feb 15, 2013

Elegance Personified

Greetings my fellow bloggers
So how was ur valentines day? I hope it was awesome. Well mine was not so good because me and my hubby dear had to celebrate long distance valentine's day this year.On positive note Im looking forward to next year's valentine's day when we'll be together.
Anyways, back to my post now.......This was supposed to be my V-day's post but got a little late on that. But hey better late than never ryt???

This illustration was done by me keeping in mind the ambiance of this very special day. I used pencil colour, highlighter and strokes of wet brush as a medium. And to make my illustration pop even more i used my favourite medium of all >>>  microtip pen. I want to share this illustration with you on a three step picture.

#1. the pencil

#2. the pencil colour and the highlighter

#3 the final touches with microtip pen

So how do rate my illustration on the scale of 1 to 10, I would really luv to know. Don't forget to follow me, let me know that u have followed and i will follow u back. And to get more updates about my blog, u can like my page on facebook  here .
xoxo everyone keep the love coming.

Feb 11, 2013


Greetings my lovely readers. Sorry for the late update I was out of Nepal for few days . By this time u might have known that nail art is one of my favorite time pass. I never get tired of doing the nail art ( be it on me,my mom, my friends or my cousins). So, for today i'll be sharing some of my nail arts with you. I hope u like it.

#1. Gradiant nails with cherries on top 

#2. Polka dots and flowers combo

#3. Falling leaves

Tell me in the comments below which one do u like. Don't  forget to follow my facebook page for more updates  here. Thanx for taking your sweet time reading my blog. Good Day Everyone