Mar 26, 2014

Illustrations of the day

Greetings my lovelies
It's now time for an illustration. This particular sketch took more time than my other illustration that i posted before. I like creating abstract backdrops for my illustrations. I don't know what is it with me and red shoes, but whenever I start coloring I end of coloring the shoes red all the time. It feels weird because I personally don't own even a pair of red shoes. Maybe it's a sign that it's time for me to add a pair of red shoe in my shoe collection.


This is a message for my beautiful fellow bloggers out there. Would u like to collaborate with me to create your illustrations on your outfit post? If so then let me know by sending me a mail. 

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until then
much love to all

Mar 6, 2014

Snow snow snow

I was excited to see the first snow since I had never experienced it but for now I have had it enough. Im seriously looking forward to spring. But there's one advantage of the heavy snow though, It acts as an amazing backdrop for photos. This explains my enthusiasm for striking a pose in this depressing cold weather while I was heading to work.

my messy boots makes appearance yet again

I didn't realize the front door was open the whole time ;)

Im wearing:
 long quilted jacket (similar here)
cable knit cap 
fleece lined jeggings
mittens from Nepal
boots from Nepal

Mar 4, 2014

Pretty little things

greetings lovelies

Im here with yet another online shopping site that I recently discovered.The store is bornprettystore . They have so much to choose from that I coudn't decide which one I should buy and which one should I leave. What caught my eyes the most was their jewelry collections, they varieties of accessories to choose from and is very inexpensive compared to other sites I have been in. Also they were kind enough to provide me a coupon code for 10% off on the purchase. Don't worry guys I wont be using the coupon alone; Im sharing it with you all too. All you have to do is use the coupon code NUT10 on your checkout for the 10 % off . You can use use the code on the entire site.

To get you a head-start on the items they have in the store, I have handpicked some items. I hope you will be have an awesome time shopping on this site.

Cherries Necklace-shop here

Ring Bracelet-shop here

Earcuff-shop here

Kiss Earrings - shop here

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