Aug 19, 2012

late night sketch

10 30 pm sketch.:)

Aug 6, 2012

I design I stitch I wear :)

Lace had been in trend since the fall of 2011 and it is still goin on head strong. Myself being very fond of laced details, I decided on designing one for myself .I used the laced details on front and back both in the form of yoke. Front part has square shaped yoke with round neckline and back part has U-shaped yoke with cowl neckline. Below you can see the illustration and the final result of my design. Tell me in the comment below how it has turned out :)

Aug 3, 2012

Outfit of the week

Tired of wearing same outfit everyday ? Here's what u can do , mix and match different piece of clothing u have in your closet. Layer them up with style, add accessories to ur choice and here u go ...u will have different looks for different day and occasion. Finally don't forget to add two most important things in ur looks i.e. confidence and comfort.Below, I have a collage that I created from polyvore for some outfits ideas. Stay happy with Style <3.

illustration of the day

whenever i get bored i sketch ...and this one too is the outcome of my boredom ....So from the scale of 1- 5 how do u rate my sketch ?

Aug 2, 2012

"summer breeze"

Beat the summer heat with a flowy circular gathered skirt and a chiffon top. Perfect outfit for day out in the sun. Happy summer everyone :)

Tie-Dye Shirt

 I had this white shirt in my closet since a long time . I wanted to give a makeover to my boring old white shirt. Thus, i used the tie-dye technique which i learnt back in college in first semester. Here's a step by step process of what I did :
  1. Tie the shirt with thick thread as required. For this design , i tied horizontally leaving gaps of 1 inch.
  2. Boil water , add small amount of salt and once it starts boiling add the dye of ur choice .
  3. Dip the tied shirt in the dye solution .
  4. Drop some amount of fixutre onto a bucket of cold water and dip the shirt in it.
  5. Leave it for few minutes and was the shirt with cold water.
  6. Let the tied shirt to dry atleast overnight.
  7. Once the shirt is semi - dryed untie the threads.
  8. Let it dry fully and iron it.
  9. Your tie- dye shirt is ready.
So , which version do u like?? Before or after ? Try it. Its fun :)

"Temple Run Nail Art"

So how many of u here are expert on the game "Temple Run" , well I'm not . I tried few times but neva could score much. I suck at this game big time but I don suck at doin nail arts. Here I am doin what i do best , temple run nail art. Tell me on the comment below how it is . (^_^)

Aug 1, 2012

"My converse nailart"

"You wear your converse on your foot and I wear mine on my nails."

I made a headband :)

I was lying on my bed one afternoon ...just then my mom came up with these holy threads ( the ones that we present to the temple alongside flowers and prasads) . First idea that came on my mind was to make a bracelet but i gave up that idea and made myself a cool headband. All i had to do was take three strands of thread and braid them adding some beads as desired . I stitched an elastic band at the edge of the braided headband. To give it a more of a fancy look i covered the elastic band with a piece of black fabric & VOILA cool funky headband is ready.<3 <3