Aug 6, 2012

I design I stitch I wear :)

Lace had been in trend since the fall of 2011 and it is still goin on head strong. Myself being very fond of laced details, I decided on designing one for myself .I used the laced details on front and back both in the form of yoke. Front part has square shaped yoke with round neckline and back part has U-shaped yoke with cowl neckline. Below you can see the illustration and the final result of my design. Tell me in the comment below how it has turned out :)


  1. hey nice blog.. ya we can follow each other.. m following u now..hope u follow me back
    xo sabbi

  2. wow- i love the look and the drawing is just perfect!
    maren antia

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  3. Love the end result.! The green and lace is perfect. :)

  4. Wow, you are talented. I like your sketches (not only this one but others as well, I browsed through your blog). And the dress turned out also interesting and pretty. I wish you had "about me" category somewhere, because it is interesting to find out at least some facts about the writer of the blog. Anyway, I like your blog and I'm following your back. Keep in touch :)

    1. thank u so much for the sweet comment of urs...will update y info soon...keep the luv coming xoxo