May 30, 2013

Beauties Between The Lines

Hello my lovelies
Im back with a new post!
This is from a page of my diary. Well, I don't have the habit of writing my thoughts on a diary but I sure can doodle on it. I have done my bit of illustration here, now its my lovely readers' turn to tell me how good or bad it has turned out.


Adding bits of edit here and there ;)

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Till my next post....Much love to you all

May 11, 2013


Hello my lovelies
I'm back with a new post . 
My illustration for today is  the ballet dancers. I find ballet dancing so fascinating. Its always a treat to watch them performing.
I illustrated the ballerinas in two page :
i) A4 size paper
ii) A3 size paper

Fig: Free hand sketching on A3 size paper

Fig: Quick sketch on A4 size paper

I used pencil colours and microtip pen for this illustration. So, tell me in the comments below how it has turned out.
Much love to you all