Mar 22, 2013

Flower Power

Hello my lovely readers
How have you all been ? Sorry for being MIA , I hope I will be able to update my blog soon from next time :) . Today I want to share an illustration where I get really obsessed with flowers.

There is no story behind this illustration whatsoever. I was just letting my imagination flow with the spring season. And ohh yes !! I used water colour after such a long time . It was really fun playing with the colours.

How about I imitate my illustration's pose (*winks) 

So this is it for today . I hope you liked my post . Tell me in the comments below how my illustration has turned out. For more updates on my blog follow me on GFC and bloglovin. You can also find me on facebook , my fb page is >>>  Colour3d-Vogu3 by Sonu Pokharel Shah .
Much love to you all

Mar 6, 2013

Spring Illustration

Greetings my lovely readers

So it's spring here, my favorite season of the year YAYYYY. Spring is the season of a new life.
 Everything seems so lively in this season.Since this season is coming around with vibrant energy its perfect for a lazy ass like me ( i get bored doing anything in dull seasons esp winters) to make the full use of it.
As spring approaches we can see vibrant shades of colours around.Taking it as my inspiration I did a free hand sketching showcasing four different ensemble.I created this illustration keeping in my mind few of trends hitting in this summer/spring.
I used pencil colour and microtip pen for this illustration.

I hope u liked my sketch. I appreciate each and every comments I receive from u all. It is what keeps me going. For more updates like my facebook page HERE.
Till then much luv to all my lovely readers

Mar 2, 2013

Crochet Fun

Greetings my lovely readers . How have you all been? Today's post is about my recent diy >> crochet headband. I learnt to crochet just recently n I'm loving it. I will be doing more of this in the days to come ( I'm obsessed ryt now ) .I have also crocheted a circular scarf which i will be showing u all in the later post.
Now coming back to my headband >>
This is a simple girly headband with a bow at the side. Its green in colour because that was the only leftover yarn  I found at home during my learning period. Below you can see the pictures of my headband with the crocheted bow.

If u want to learn crochet then u can click the link here . Im sure you'll enjoy it just like me . Well this is it for today . I'll be back with a new post very soon. Do tell me in the comments below about this post, I appreciate it all and also like my page on facebook  HERE :) 
much luv to all my lovely readers