Oct 29, 2013

Picture coming to life

Hello my lovelies
How have you been lately ?
There's this app called "brushes " on ipad that is really fun to use.
Here is three of my illustrations I did from the same app.
It's fascinating to see how the pictures come to life step by step.
However I wish we could save the video. I played the video from the app and captured it from my cell phone. I apologize in advance for the quality of the video. My first post is going to be the cute minnion from despicable me.
I hope you guys will like it . I will be posting more in the future .

Till then
Much love

Sep 17, 2013


Hello lovelies
Today's post is all about instagram. I have been active on instagram recently and  god knows how  much I am enjoying the world of insta posts. My insta id is ad_sonu.
I'd love to see you all there. I will follow back. So let the instafun begin.
For now check out some of my instas.

Sep 5, 2013


Greetings lovelies

I'm here with yet another sketch from my notebook.I have quick question to you all. Would you like to buy my sketches if I put it up for sale? And how much are you willing to pay? Well, not the notebook's  but an actual sketch on good quality sheet. Tell me in the comment below about this and my sketch for today. Just trying to make a good use of  my passion here :)
I would love to know your opinions on this. 

And those of you all active on gfc, bloglovin, facebook and instagram , don't forget to follow me. I will follow back. This brings a big smile on my face. More the merrier right ?

Enough of my talks now. Have a glance at my artwork for the day.

Instagram : ad_sonu

Much love everyone

Aug 23, 2013

Illustration on notebook

Greetings my lovelies

I present yet another illustration from my notebook. I don't know why but these days I'm into illustrating on my notebook. I hope I don't forget illustrating on plain sheet.( *winks )
I'm planning on finishing the whole notebook with just my illustrations ....no words.
And guys, did I tell you that I'm active on instagram these days?

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Hoping to see you beautiful people there.

So, this is my artwork for the day. Hope you guys like it. I welcome suggestions and criticism with my open heart, drop some comments down below. And yes, don't forget to follow me on gfc, facebook, bloglovin and instagram. I promise to follow you back.

Much love to you all

Aug 14, 2013

Charcoal lady

Greetings lovelies

Today I present to you a charcoal illustration. To be honest I don't really like working with charcoal pencil. It's such a mess to work with. I had this picture on my cell for quiet a while and I was too lazy to  use my brain for any new ideas. Thus, I illustrated the picture on my notepad with the charcoal pencil


I attatched the original for you all to compare . Tell me in the comments below if I did justice to the original picture and also suggestions are always welcome.

Much love to you all


Jul 26, 2013

Long Time Gap

Greetings my lovelies

How have you been? Im extremely sorry for being away from blogsphere. I had been super busy with my shopping , packing and travelling. I flew from Nepal to United States on 30th June. This is why I was not able to give time to my blog. And also I didnt have enough stationery supplies with me for my sketches. The sketches below are two of my recent rough sketches from my notepad. I know its a little rough but I promise I,ll be posting fair sketches pretty soon and oh yes '' often '' too.

Till then
Much love to u all 

May 30, 2013

Beauties Between The Lines

Hello my lovelies
Im back with a new post!
This is from a page of my diary. Well, I don't have the habit of writing my thoughts on a diary but I sure can doodle on it. I have done my bit of illustration here, now its my lovely readers' turn to tell me how good or bad it has turned out.


Adding bits of edit here and there ;)

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Till my next post....Much love to you all

May 11, 2013


Hello my lovelies
I'm back with a new post . 
My illustration for today is  the ballet dancers. I find ballet dancing so fascinating. Its always a treat to watch them performing.
I illustrated the ballerinas in two page :
i) A4 size paper
ii) A3 size paper

Fig: Free hand sketching on A3 size paper

Fig: Quick sketch on A4 size paper

I used pencil colours and microtip pen for this illustration. So, tell me in the comments below how it has turned out.
Much love to you all

Apr 22, 2013


Helllo my lovelies

This post is dedicated to all my readers. I reached 100 followers on gfc yayyyyy . This definitely feels good. 
I appreciate each and every comments that I get from you all. Your encouragement keeps me going.

Now how about following me through facebook as well?? You will be getting more updates from me on my facebook page.

Hope to see you all on the page real soon :)

Closing up this post with this illustration.

Much love to you all

Apr 13, 2013

Tiny Hats : DIY

Greetings my lovely readers

You must be wondering about my post title today. Well wonder no more. This is my not so recent diy that I wish to share with you all. I made this few months back and finally the tiny hats are getting some space in my blog. I made these cute tiny hats instantly after watching the diy tutorial on youtube. 

First have a look at my version on tiny hats. Its not exactly the same as shown in the tutorial as I did some changes here and there. I used fabric for cover up instead of spray paint because my spray paint failed big time on this project.

Now that u have seen my version of the tiny hats its time to see the tutorial and make one for yourself This diy was done by a very talented person Mark Montano. He is an author, designer and also a tv host. He also has a youtube channel filled with amazing diys. Do subscribe him.

Dont forget to send me your version of tiny hats to my facebook page. I would love to see those :)
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My facebook page >> Coloured-Vogue by Sonu Pokharel Shah 


Apr 2, 2013

Smokey Flames

Greetings my lovely readers !!!
Im here to share a quick post of my recent illustration.I was thinking of posting this only on my facebook page (Colour3d-Vogu3 by Sonu Pokharel Shah) but I couldn't resist myself from posting it here too. And yes I did some editing too. 

So now that you have seen my illustration, tell me in the comments below how it has turned out. I wish I could imitate my illustration like I did in my previous post ((Flower Power) but I dont want to loose half side of my head..... Jokes Apart :).....  I appreciate each and every comment from you and I always make sure that I follow you back. Dont forget to like my facebook page (Colour3d-Vogu3 by Sonu Pokharel Shah) for more updates. Till then 
Much love to everyone

Mar 22, 2013

Flower Power

Hello my lovely readers
How have you all been ? Sorry for being MIA , I hope I will be able to update my blog soon from next time :) . Today I want to share an illustration where I get really obsessed with flowers.

There is no story behind this illustration whatsoever. I was just letting my imagination flow with the spring season. And ohh yes !! I used water colour after such a long time . It was really fun playing with the colours.

How about I imitate my illustration's pose (*winks) 

So this is it for today . I hope you liked my post . Tell me in the comments below how my illustration has turned out. For more updates on my blog follow me on GFC and bloglovin. You can also find me on facebook , my fb page is >>>  Colour3d-Vogu3 by Sonu Pokharel Shah .
Much love to you all

Mar 6, 2013

Spring Illustration

Greetings my lovely readers

So it's spring here, my favorite season of the year YAYYYY. Spring is the season of a new life.
 Everything seems so lively in this season.Since this season is coming around with vibrant energy its perfect for a lazy ass like me ( i get bored doing anything in dull seasons esp winters) to make the full use of it.
As spring approaches we can see vibrant shades of colours around.Taking it as my inspiration I did a free hand sketching showcasing four different ensemble.I created this illustration keeping in my mind few of trends hitting in this summer/spring.
I used pencil colour and microtip pen for this illustration.

I hope u liked my sketch. I appreciate each and every comments I receive from u all. It is what keeps me going. For more updates like my facebook page HERE.
Till then much luv to all my lovely readers

Mar 2, 2013

Crochet Fun

Greetings my lovely readers . How have you all been? Today's post is about my recent diy >> crochet headband. I learnt to crochet just recently n I'm loving it. I will be doing more of this in the days to come ( I'm obsessed ryt now ) .I have also crocheted a circular scarf which i will be showing u all in the later post.
Now coming back to my headband >>
This is a simple girly headband with a bow at the side. Its green in colour because that was the only leftover yarn  I found at home during my learning period. Below you can see the pictures of my headband with the crocheted bow.

If u want to learn crochet then u can click the link here . Im sure you'll enjoy it just like me . Well this is it for today . I'll be back with a new post very soon. Do tell me in the comments below about this post, I appreciate it all and also like my page on facebook  HERE :) 
much luv to all my lovely readers

Feb 24, 2013

My first fashion collection..Beau Monde

Well I had done quiet a few projects as a fashion designer back in college days but this has to be my first ever fashion collection.The collection was titled " Beau Monde ( the fashionable society)" for the event Artistic Cuts organized by Imperial I . I feel good about this collection for two main reasons. First is the obvious reason >> my first ever fashion collection and secondly >> this was a charity event for the seti flood victim. Below I have the picture of nine gorgeous models flaunting my design. Doesn't this picture look like a fabulous fashionable society to u ?

So tell me in the comments below how do u find my designs? Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and gfc,  I will follow u back. U can also find me on facebook here . Keep the luv coming.

Much luv to everyone