Aug 23, 2013

Illustration on notebook

Greetings my lovelies

I present yet another illustration from my notebook. I don't know why but these days I'm into illustrating on my notebook. I hope I don't forget illustrating on plain sheet.( *winks )
I'm planning on finishing the whole notebook with just my illustrations words.
And guys, did I tell you that I'm active on instagram these days?

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Hoping to see you beautiful people there.

So, this is my artwork for the day. Hope you guys like it. I welcome suggestions and criticism with my open heart, drop some comments down below. And yes, don't forget to follow me on gfc, facebook, bloglovin and instagram. I promise to follow you back.

Much love to you all

Aug 14, 2013

Charcoal lady

Greetings lovelies

Today I present to you a charcoal illustration. To be honest I don't really like working with charcoal pencil. It's such a mess to work with. I had this picture on my cell for quiet a while and I was too lazy to  use my brain for any new ideas. Thus, I illustrated the picture on my notepad with the charcoal pencil


I attatched the original for you all to compare . Tell me in the comments below if I did justice to the original picture and also suggestions are always welcome.

Much love to you all