Apr 22, 2013


Helllo my lovelies

This post is dedicated to all my readers. I reached 100 followers on gfc yayyyyy . This definitely feels good. 
I appreciate each and every comments that I get from you all. Your encouragement keeps me going.

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Closing up this post with this illustration.

Much love to you all

Apr 13, 2013

Tiny Hats : DIY

Greetings my lovely readers

You must be wondering about my post title today. Well wonder no more. This is my not so recent diy that I wish to share with you all. I made this few months back and finally the tiny hats are getting some space in my blog. I made these cute tiny hats instantly after watching the diy tutorial on youtube. 

First have a look at my version on tiny hats. Its not exactly the same as shown in the tutorial as I did some changes here and there. I used fabric for cover up instead of spray paint because my spray paint failed big time on this project.

Now that u have seen my version of the tiny hats its time to see the tutorial and make one for yourself This diy was done by a very talented person Mark Montano. He is an author, designer and also a tv host. He also has a youtube channel filled with amazing diys. Do subscribe him.

Dont forget to send me your version of tiny hats to my facebook page. I would love to see those :)
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Apr 2, 2013

Smokey Flames

Greetings my lovely readers !!!
Im here to share a quick post of my recent illustration.I was thinking of posting this only on my facebook page (Colour3d-Vogu3 by Sonu Pokharel Shah) but I couldn't resist myself from posting it here too. And yes I did some editing too. 

So now that you have seen my illustration, tell me in the comments below how it has turned out. I wish I could imitate my illustration like I did in my previous post ((Flower Power) but I dont want to loose half side of my head..... Jokes Apart :).....  I appreciate each and every comment from you and I always make sure that I follow you back. Dont forget to like my facebook page (Colour3d-Vogu3 by Sonu Pokharel Shah) for more updates. Till then 
Much love to everyone