Aug 2, 2012

Tie-Dye Shirt

 I had this white shirt in my closet since a long time . I wanted to give a makeover to my boring old white shirt. Thus, i used the tie-dye technique which i learnt back in college in first semester. Here's a step by step process of what I did :
  1. Tie the shirt with thick thread as required. For this design , i tied horizontally leaving gaps of 1 inch.
  2. Boil water , add small amount of salt and once it starts boiling add the dye of ur choice .
  3. Dip the tied shirt in the dye solution .
  4. Drop some amount of fixutre onto a bucket of cold water and dip the shirt in it.
  5. Leave it for few minutes and was the shirt with cold water.
  6. Let the tied shirt to dry atleast overnight.
  7. Once the shirt is semi - dryed untie the threads.
  8. Let it dry fully and iron it.
  9. Your tie- dye shirt is ready.
So , which version do u like?? Before or after ? Try it. Its fun :)