Jan 27, 2014

Grammy Awards : My favorite

Greetings lovelies!
How have you all been ?
Now that the grammy award for the year 2014 is over , it's time for the best dressed and worst dresses celebrity all around the internet and magazines. By the way , how many of you watched the grammy's last night ? Such a shame that I forgot to watch it. But that doesn't stop me from blogging about it.
Enough of my talks now. Let's head straight to my favorite looks from the grammy's, shall we?

This has to be my most favorite one . Katy Perry is always dressed to perfection. She was adorned in Valentino's couture gown. How can you go wrong with a musical prints on a sheer fabric to musical event such as grammy right?

Ravishing Beyonce . The sheer white laced gown was designed by the designer Michael Costello. She was clad in elegance and her blonde hair matched perfectly with the outfit.

Taylor Swift clad in metallic gown from Gucci. She was all glammed up and the silhouette fitted her perfectly.

Yet another celebrity clad in a metallic number was Ciara. She look beautiful and chic showing her baby bump. The sparkling bronze gown was from Emilio Pucci.

Alicia Keys looked glamorous in plunged neckline electric royal blue Armani Pri gown

The fashion police herself. Guiliana Rancic wore a full length orange gown by Alex Perry. The halter neckline with sheer panel at the bustline and the white edges around the neckline mesh perfectly together.

So, this was all about my favorite looks at the grammy's. Do let me know in the comments below about your favorite looks.

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Jan 26, 2014

Picture coming to life : part 3

Greetings all my lovelies
Im here with yet another post with the title "pictrue coming to life". This was also done from the same app called brushes. I haven't been able to illustrate more due to my busy schedule but I promise i'll illustrate more and update my blog more often.

I apologize for the poor quality of the video. Im working on improving it. I hope you guys like it. If you like my blog then follow me and drop in your blog in the comment below. I'll check it out and follow you asap.

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much luv to all

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Jan 22, 2014

Picture Coming To Life : Part 2

Greetings my lovelies

How's 2014 treating you all?
I hope that it's all good in each and every part of the world.
This is my 2nd illustration coming to life.
Hope you all like it.

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