Feb 1, 2014

Doodles all the way

Greetings my lovelies

How many of you starts to doodle whenever you have a pen and a paper in front of you? Im one of them . Give me a pen or a pencil , my hand urges me to doodle . It has become a habit actually .

I'm here with a quick post of my doodling habit. This is from my little diary that I always carry with me. If I have a spare time or some long waits at certain places I grab this diary and start doodling. I use it even when I'm home.

For this particular doodle I have used several pens and it took a long time to finish compared to my other random doodles.

So , lets get on to my illustration, shall we?

p.s i ruined the corner by spilling water :(

So this is all for my today's post. I hope you all liked it.
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until my next post
much love to all,


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  2. Wow, it looks amazing. You're so talented. :)

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