Aug 15, 2014

Product Review: Bornprettystore

I am not much into online shopping, I would rather go to the store try on and buy it. But this particular website changed my mind. I am big time sucker when it comes to jewelry & accessories. If I find some cute and pretty jewelry, I have to buy it even if I don't wear it often.
And oh my gosh ,,,they have so much varieties to choose from. I couldn't make up my mind about which one to choose . On top of that the shipping charge was free. Now what more can you ask for more than this, right? Wrong.....You will also get a 10% off on your purchase if you use the code NUT10 on your checkout. 

Bornprettystore was kind enough to send me the items of my choice for reviews. Below I have three items for their site that I will be reviewing on this blog. One of which is from their makeup collection and the other two is from their jewelry & accessories.

<3 statement necklace & ear cuff
I like collecting beautiful jewelry and these two pieces were my new addition. The quality is really good ( much more than I expected). I was a little worried about the ear cuff that it might not fit well. But it fitted perfectly. The statement necklace has decent length with black details. I cant wait to mix it up with my outfits.
You can find the items in the link :
Statement Necklace
Ear cuff

<3 beauty blender
I am not a foundation person but I really wanted this kind of blender for my bb creme. It blends really well leaving my skin soft and shiny. I even tried it with my moisturizers and it works perfectly. I am definitely going it order more of this. P.s excuse the mark on the blender( I was impatient to try it) You can find it in the link >>>> beauty blender

Use the code >> NUT10 on you checkout for 10% off on your purchase


  1. I am loving that ear cuff ... I love how it covers most of the ear and is very noticable :) Might take a little peek on that website later :P

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!
    All the details you need are here:

  2. That piece is stunning ,so beautiful

  3. I'm definitely both and online and physical shopper but once you find a store you love online, it's always great to have it delivered right to your door! Nice post :)

  4. thats a pretty earcuff. btw why no recent post??

  5. This necklace is so beautiful!! Great review.
    Very inspiring blog.
    Lets follow each other!Just let me know and I will follow back :)

  6. I am in love with your ear cuff.
    Would love to see you on my blog.